This website is not here to sell anything or to take donations or to get you to join our “church.” This website is simply here to provide people with some free resources and media which will hopefully facilitate people coming to their own conclusions and ultimately finding truth.

This website is here to provide people with access to free media and resources. Faith of Choice/ World Religions Forum aims to assist people in making informed decisions about faith and why we are here. Our hope is that people will be challenged to find truth and to encourage others to do the same.

We respect every individual’s right to their own choice of religion.
Keep asking, keep searching and keep knocking. The truth is out there. We do not claim to have all the answers or to be without error. This site is not designed to be a totally objective resource on world faiths. We recognize that we have some biased opinions due to the truth we have discovered. If this website was your website, your own beliefs would no doubt influence the content and articles that you posted on your website. We have and will continue to do our best to present honestly and clearly the beliefs of different world religions. We shall also reveal our understandings of various religions based upon our research and that of others. Wherever possible we aim to include research backed up with documented articles, resources and scientific evidence. There will always be differences of opinion and obviously religion and faith is a hot topic that sparks much discussion, passion and interest. We encourage you to express your opinions and beliefs in an open and friendly manner on our discussion forum.

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“Eternity has no back door. It’s for ever!”