One Heartbeat Away

by Mark Cahill | Your Journey Into Eternity

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What would happen when leading creationists and skeptics clash head-to-head?


Evolution is taught in most Colleges and Universities around the world. But does that make it truth? Is Evolution an attractive solution to a world that is looking for a world to live in where there are no eternal consequences, a live with no accountability or guilt? Is guilt a bad thing or does it help us to think twice before doing the next bad thing?

Is Evolution based on unproven theories? Are there gaps and missing links to the theory of Evolution and the Big Bang? If there are gaps and missing links, why have so many accepted this theory and is acceptance with out facts basically the same as having faith in religion? Many Evolutionists passionately and almost religiously defend their belief, so has Evolution therefore become a religion?

Atheists will often say that faith in a God or a Creator indicates a weakness in a person; that faith is a crutch for weak minded people. But it could perhaps be more aptly be stated that Atheism might be a crutch for people who are avoiding reality and unwilling to admit that they will be held accountable by a God who sees everything that they do by a God who has set his laws in every one’s heart (ie: murder is wrong, stealing and lieing are wrong etc).

If we are all just advanced apes and it is survival of the fittest, why does our conscience ache when we see injustice, rape and oppression? Or is what the Bible says true: Mankind was made in the image of God (knowing right from wrong / with a conscience; Conscience means “with-knowledge”).

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