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Apologies, but the ignorance inherent in the original post is staggering. 
Clearly the only “research” you have done is from pro-creationist websites, and not from a purely impartial, scientific-based source. 

DNA is not a language of four letters, naturally.  We IMPOSE those four letters on it. 
It has four possible combinations, but they are not in and of themselves letters. 

Again, we have IMPOSED those letters on DNA to aid in our own understanding. 
We could just as easily have assigned colours to them, or sounds.  Letters was simply a nice, easy way of doing it. 

Seriously, get out of the pro-creationist sites and learn a little. 
There is no language inherently involved. 
It’s like looking at the shades of a leaf as it goes from spring through summer and autumn, and through winter, and assigning letters to the different shades.  There is no language inherent in the leaf, we are imposing this upon it to aid in our own understanding of it. 

Chemical reactions are not chance, or random, they are inevitable. 

Learn more about the scientific hypotheses regarding the emergence of life before you mock it, your post makes it clear you also lack any real understanding in that area as well.