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Rica wrote:
God exists.

Claim without evidence. Therefore dismissed without need to provide evidence against it.

Rica wrote:
Just look around on His creations in your surroundings, you see the plants, animals here on ground and on above the sky. You can see the stars and moon during night time while sun and clouds during day time right? Can anyone do that except GOD?

Your language is loaded, and in so being it is deceptive and dishonest.
I look around at what exists, I see plants, animals on the ground and in the sky. I see the stars and the moon during night time and I see the moon, the sun and clouds during day time.
Can anyone do that?
Possibly, I would have to claim absolute knowledge to say no. We certainly have no evidence to suggest anyone either can, or has. We have completely natural explanations for their formation and existence without the need to add extra layers of complexity by also supposing that there is a greater being who for some reason chose to create everything in exactly such a way that their “creation” could be more easily have been formed via completely natural means consistent with the universe we observe now and with all our understanding of how it has been, and will be.

Rica wrote:
Even the universe. Look at the planets. They are being made and positioned on a matter that they wont be revolving on their orbits and rotating on their own axis without bouncing each other.

Hmmm. Wow. Sorry but I am unsure from your post as to your age. I mention this only because in part your language suggests a certain level of intellectual maturity which leads me to assumptions as to your age (my assumptions, I fully accept they are highly likely to be off the mark I only hope it is to lesser, not greater, degree).
However a comment like this one suggests a complete lack of ANY education on cosmology, planetary formation, simply physics, an understanding of our solar system, of gravity and more specifically of Relativity and Special Relativity.
The planets and the sun are in mutual orbits, with each (and many other objects) interacting with the others in various ways some to a much greater degree (Sun primarily, but second to that Jupiter) or to a lesser one (such as asteroids, dust particles, comets etc).
This is all well understood, and with all due respect has been for a long time. Although to be clear, when I say a long time I am speaking in terms of my life and yours, and our respective experiences. To be even clearer, it has been understood longer than you and I have been alive. Indeed, possibly longer than our lives combined.
And given the fact that you have access to the internet, it is reasonable for me to presume that you also have access to all that knowledge and have either chosen not to educate yourself on this area of ignorance or have hitherto been unaware that such things exist which in regards to understanding the truth value of the god claim suggests you are not yet equipped intellectually to be having such discussions nor making such statements.

I am not a person who teaches children of any age, let alone those many years prior to pubescence and legal adulthood. Therefore I am not here to give you an education on matters which should be understood by any child of 8 to 10 with a basic education.
If your circumstances were or are such that you did not have access to such an education – I don’t want to sound rude but I reiterate my earlier point about having internet access.
Educate yourself.
The information which makes a mockery of your ridiculously naive claim about the planets is obtaining within minutes by typing searches and reading information from purely educational and non-religious websites. By this last I do not mean to suggest that there are not religiously-affiliated websites which do contain the accurate information, just that if you’re saying the things you are and you have internet access then it’s likely you have spent time on religiously-affiliated sites which do not contain such information (another assumption, equal risk, equal aim).