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etu wrote:

Now, wouldn’t you suppose this book might be just “slightly” biased in its opinion? LOL
Janed Replied: Yes, and I would imagine that your own bias is responsible for your view as well. 

We are all biased towards our own belief system and that which supports it. So….????

Good point, but what I am saying is that it is not relevant prove a point using a book created for propaganda. Scholarly evidencing comes from outside sources that actually do confirm the texts. 

Indeed I am a parent, and “obey” is not what I want them to do, I want them to think for themselves, question even me.
You are not God…..are you?

God? There is no god, it’s make-believe. But as a Luciferian I seek apotheosis. 

Our Creator also wants us to think for ourselves. But he does not want us to elevate ourselves above all others, including him. We must defer to his superior wisdom and intellect. Unless of course you believe yourself to be his equal?

And here lies the contradiction, you cannot preach freedom while setting limitations of your own choosing. I have no proof of his existence and certainly no understanding of his “superior wisdom and intellect”. We are all greater than his sum, because this god (as do all archetypal structures) was created by Mankind. 

Freedom of Will “within set limitations”? LOL isn’t that just a bit of irony if not hypocrisy? Freedom of Will means just that . . . freedom of your will to become manifest without another’s interference.
Parents must set limits for their children or they become undisciplined brats. It is reasonable for God to set limits for his children. Those limits are always for our good and his correction leads to our being educated in the right behavior.

Nah . . . not true. Right & wrong are subjective ideas and are not the domain of religiosity, Mankind does not need a superimposed belief system in order to know what is right & wrong. 

I’m not quite certain the Father of Lies is the Abrahamic devil . . . it seems to me that would be the actual Abrahamic god who does the majority of fibbing in the Testaments.
By all means share how the God of the Bible has been untruthful…..? 

Oh my . . . where do I start?

Magus III° Ordo Luciferi