I’m Just a Good Person. Really I am!

“I don’t need a God, a saviour or a religion. If there is a God, he will be happy enough with my life!”

Like most of us, you probably consider yourself to basically be a pretty good person, and perhaps you are.

Maybe you do what you can to help others, give money to the poor and try not to offend people.

You can probably think of people that you know who are much worse. Compared to the average person, you might come up looking pretty good! And then there are the people in history who were notoriously bad, people like Adolf Hitler – They make you look like an angel! But when you die, who will be judging you?

Will you be the judge? Will Hitler be the judge? Will the judge have the same standards as you? Is it possible that the judge has higher standards than you? Can you know for sure?

Take this free online goodness test to see if you meet the standard of acceptable goodness.



One Heartbeat Away

by Mark Cahill | Your Journey Into Eternity


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Written for those with an interest in spirituality and spiritual leaders, such as the Buddha and the Dalai Lama, Jesus The Man Who Came From God explains the life of Christ and his teachings. It provides a comparison with Islam, Judaism, and other world religions.